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Avoiding Plagiarism!: Introduction

Plagiarism as Defined by IWU

"'To plagiarize is to include someone else's writing, information, or idea in a paper and fail to acknowledge what you took by indicating whose work it is'....

In other words, it is not giving credit where credit is due. Plagiarism is both a moral and ethical offense and sometimes a legal one.

Examples of plagiarism include:

1. Copying another person's actual words
    without the use of quotation marks,
    source citation, or footnotes.
2. Presenting another person's ideas or
    theories in your own words without
    citing the source.
3. Failing to acknowledge contribution
    and collaboration from others.
4. Using information that is not common
    knowledge without citing the source.
5. Submitting downloaded papers or
    parts of papers, 'cutting and pasting,'
    or paraphrasing or copying information
    from Internet sources without proper
    acknowledgement of a source." **
** For the university's statement on "Honesty,
    Cheating, Plagiarism and Forgery, see the
    catalog at:
    (Click search tab; enter "plagiarism")

A Fun Video Introduction to Plagiarism

To view the video full screen, click the icon at the lower right corner.  To return to the plagiarism guide, press escape.
**Video is used by permission of Cape Fear College.

Did You Know?

Most cases of plagiarism can be identified by a professor in a few minutes using today's technology.

Plagiarizing in college can have a profound impact on your future, whether you're caught or not.

Take the time to educate yourself using this guide to learn how to avoid serious future problems.

Is it Plagiarism?

See answers at the bottom right of the tutorials page.

    round_push_1.gif (1016 bytes)Quoting statistics without citing the source?

    round_push_1.gif (1016 bytes)Using a short passage of music from an unpublished source in your composition without citation?

    round_push_1.gif (1016 bytes)Adding a few lines of a friend's program into your software design project, with the friend's permission but without attribution?

    round_push_1.gif (1016 bytes)Slightly updating an old paper you wrote and using it for a current class?

    round_push_1.gif (1016 bytes)Summarizing an article and mentioning the author/journal in your sentence but not using a parenthetical citation?

    round_push_1.gif (1016 bytes)Cutting and pasting from the Internet without using quotation marks?

    round_push_1.gif (1016 bytes)Not citing the correct source or page number from which you took a quote?

    round_push_1.gif (1016 bytes)Summarizing conflicting ideas from several sources without citing the sources?

    round_push_1.gif (1016 bytes)Using graphics, audio or video found on multiple websites without citing them?
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