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APA 6th Edition Citation Style: Home

The Basics of APA Style... from the APA!

The American Psychological Association (APA) offers a quick tutorial introduction to APA Style on its website.

Get up to speed quickly here.

About APA style

American Psychological Association (APA) style is commonly used to document research in the behavioral sciences, such as psychology and social work.

 The purpose of documentation is to:

  • Identify (cite) other people’s ideas and information used within your paper.

  • Identify the sources of these in the References at the end of your paper.

This research guide is based on the APA Manual (6th ed.) published in 2009.

IWU's Plagiarism Warning

"The Prentice Hall Reference Guide (2006) indicates, 'To plagiarize is to include someone else's writing, information, or idea in a paper and fail to acknowledge what you took by indicating whose work it is' (p. 292).

In other words, it is not giving credit where credit is due. Plagiarism is both a moral and ethical offense and sometimes a legal one.

Examples of plagiarism include:

  1. Copying another person's actual words without the use of quotation marks, source citation, or footnotes.

  2. Presenting another person's ideas or theories in your own words without citing the source.

  3. Failing to acknowledge contribution and collaboration from others.

  4. Using information that is not common knowledge without citing the source.

  5. Submitting downloaded papers or parts of papers, 'cutting and pasting,' paraphrasing or copying information from Internet sources without proper acknowledgement of a source."

Getting Started!

The following sections offer examples to help you cite the sources that you come across during your research.
General APA Style Guidelines   
Books Media
Articles Art / Images
Web Sites Other Sources


For more detailed information, see the APA Manual (6th ed.) in the Ready Reference section at the Jackson Library, ask your instructor or Ask Us.

If you are new to college writing, visit our Plagiarism Guide before beginning your research. Plagiarism is a very serious offense; learn how to avoid it by viewing the examples and tips shown.

MS Word Video - Formatting a Document for APA

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