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TESOL 420 English Linguistics for TESOL: Research Question

An Open-Ended Thoughtful Question Drives Good Research

Research requires a question without an easy answer.  What are you curious about related to a topic? 
Narrowing a topic to a primary question will get your research off to the right start.
Questions require answers. 
A topic is too broad to cover thoroughly, but a question has an answer.
The Influence of Drugs on Crime Could legalization of less harmful drugs like marijuana reduce crime in the U.S.?
Abortion Are laws requiring waiting, counseling or sonograms effective in reducing abortions?
Sports Injuries  Why do heat exhaustion deaths occur and how can they best be avoided? 
Working Women In what fields have women achieved the greatest equality and how has this occurred?
A question is a way of evaluating the evidence.   
A clearly stated question helps you decide what information is needed in your paper and what is not relevant.
An open-ended question calls for real research and thinking.
A question with no easy answer makes research and writing more meaningful to both you and your audience. Your research may then solve a problem or contribute to the field of knowledge.

Forming a Research Question

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