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Ebsco Ebooks: EBSCO eBooks Basics

Book in Use?

Question:  I want to view an ebook but it says, "This ebook is in use."

How can a virtual book have a finite number of users?

Answer:  EBSCO has limited the use of some ebooks purchased in years past by our library. Often if you return in an hour or two, the user will have exited the book and you'll have access.

In the mean time, we can try to find something else that will work for you. Contact the Research Desk!

Add Notes to eBooks

You can take notes on eBooks and save them to your My EBSCOhost folder for later viewing.

  1. From the page where you want the note to appear, click the Notes icon in the toolbar.

  2. Click the + New Note button that appears in the Notes area.

  3. Click the Sign In link to save your note to your My EBSCO folder account.

  4. Enter your note and click the Save button.

  5. You can change how the text appears in your note by using the Bold, Italics and Underline buttons.

  6. Your saved note will appear in the Notes list.

Thank You!

Many thanks to COM Library for sharing the template for this guide.

Searching for eBooks


Browse for eBooks

Once in EBSCO eBooks, you can always browse the eBooks available by clicking on eBooks in the blue bar in the upper left hand side of the page. This takes you to the browse page where you can browse eBooks by by latest, featured or category.


View eBooks

eBooks can be read online in the eBook Viewer by clicking the eBook Full Text link in the Result list or Detailed Record.


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