Philosophy: Getting Started

A guide to help you locate resources about philosophy and philosophers

Getting Started with Philosophy Research

e-Reference Books (Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, etc)


Search hundreds of reference books by keyword or click "Find a Book" > "Philosophy" to select a specific book.

You can also access this source at: Library Homepage > Databases > General Resources

More e-Reference Books (plus articles)

Search for the philospher's name...

Or do an Occupation search for "Philosopher" if you aren't sure who to research.


You can also access these sources at:
Library Homepage > Databases > General Resources

Find Reference Books

Find a Reference Book on Your Topic:
Use Advanced Search, enter keyword(s), and select "Reference" for the location.
 The articles in subject encyclopedias
can help pinpoint a research question from a general topic and provide references for further research.
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