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Digital Communications: Journals

Selected Digital Communications Journals and Websites

The following is a brief list of suggested Digital Communication journals. Many more journals are available in the IWU online library through the Journal Titles tool.

  • Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media
  • Journal of Communication
  • Journal of e-Media Studies
  • Journal of Media Practice

Contact Off Campus Library Services for help locating Digital Communication or other journals.

For more information, read over Finding Specific Articles in the Databases




DanZarrella’s Blog


Eugene Peterson and the Psalms

Hillman Curtis

Jeremy Cowart

Marketing Profs





See University

Simply Measured



Using Journal and Magazine Articles

Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed Articles vs. Popular Articles: Understanding the differences between these kinds of articles will help you to use the right resources for research. Learn more.

Digesting A Scholarly Research-based Article: Quick overview and tips for how to read a research article to pull out its main concepts. Learn more.

Tips for Better Research: Quick overview of using Google Scholar as well as quick facts about helpful business databases and websites recommended by Off Campus Library Services.  Learn more.

Website Evaluation: "Tips and Tricks" for deciding if a website is suitable for academic research.  Learn more.


Find Journal and Magazine Articles

Visit the Library Databases Page for all databases.
Or try one of the popular databases below:
Academic Database for All Subjects:
Academic Database

Academic Integrity/Plagiarism

When you write an essay or research paper that uses information from a book, a magazine or journal article, a website, or another source, it is important to tell your instructor where you found the information.

This is called crediting a source and it helps you to avoid plagiarism.

Plagiarism happens when the person writing a paper or essay does not credit the sources they used to write the paper.

One way to think about plagiarism is to ask yourself these two questions:  Where did I get my words? and, Where did I get my ideas?

At Indiana Wesleyan University, APA Format, a writing style and rules created by the American Psychological Association, is used to credit the sources students use when they write papers.

Off Campus Library Services (OCLS) has created the OCLS APA 6e Guide to help students with learning APA Format.  You can download a copy of the Guide at this link:

Be sure to read pages 7-11 for an overview of plagiarism, information on what sources you need to cite (credit) in your paper.  There is a sample APA style research paper at the end of the Guide that you can look at to get an idea of what an APA style paper looks like.

APA style papers (with just a couple of exceptions) include both an in-text citation put in the paper’s body or text, and a longer References list entry at the end of the paper.  The OCLS APA 6e Guide has examples of both citations and References for different kinds of sources you will use (articles, books, e-books, websites, and more).

If you have any questions about APA Format, please call OCLS toll free at 1.800.521.1848 and ask to speak to a Librarian.  We are happy to help you with your APA questions!

Another option is to email or fill out an online request form at

Save Yourself Time. Schedule a Research Appointment with an OCLS Librarian!

Make a Research Appointment with an OCLS Librarian.  
Options include In Person (Face to Face), Phone, and Video Call Interviews.
For more information, call Off Campus Library Services at 1-800-521-1848

Find E-Reference Book Articles

Search Credo Reference
CREDO Reference

Search Gale Reference



Issue-Oriented Reference and Journal Articles