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Using Chicago Style: Wesley Seminary Students: Articles (Electronic)

What Are You Citing?

Color is used in the examples below only to help you identify the elements of a citation. You should not format your citations in color.

For more information about any particular element of the citation samples, e.g., if you want to know how to include and punctuate author information for items with more than one author, or for information about shortening titles, refer to the tab in this LibGuide titled Elements of a Citation.

If your question is not answered by the LibGuide, refer to The Chicago Manual of Style (see Getting Started tab for a link to the catalog record for the CMS).

Access dates are given in these examples. However, they should be used only if your instructor requires them. CMOS 17th edition does not require access dates as part of full note or bibliography formats.

Chicago Formats/Samples: Articles, Electronic (N/B)