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Hospitality Management: Personalized Search Plans

Academic, trade, and professional resources related to Hospitality Management.

Need Help With Your Topic? Ask OCLS for a Personalized Search Plan!

Do you need help with a specific research topic?  Contact Off Campus Library Services and request a Personalized Search Plan!

Personalized Search Plans (PSPs) tell you where to go; what to do; and how to do it.  Your PSP will suggest the best online database(s) and search term(s) to use.  Depending on what kinds of information you need, your PSP might help you to find appropriate print books, e-books, or journal articles. 

Each PSP includes step-by-step directions so that you can find trusted sources for your assignments and is customized to your needs.

To request your Personalized Search Plan, email or complete an online Request for Services Form at  In the form, let OCLS know what kinds of information you need – books, e-books, journal articles, websites; or, if you need peer reviewed or research based information. 

PSP requests are answered within one (1) business day, not including weekends.  Requests that are received by 12:00 noon on Friday will be answered that same day. 

OCLS provides limited service on Saturday and is closed Sunday and all university holidays and holiday weekends, so we encourage you to ask for your Personalized Search Plan early in your workshop weeks whenever possible.

Academic Integrity/Plagiarism

When you write an essay or research paper that uses information from a book, a magazine or journal article, a website, or another source, it is important to tell your instructor where you found the information.

This is called crediting a source and it helps you to avoid plagiarism.

Plagiarism happens when the person writing a paper or essay does not credit the sources they used to write the paper.

One way to think about plagiarism is to ask yourself these two questions:  Where did I get my words? and, Where did I get my ideas?

At Indiana Wesleyan University, APA Format, a writing style and rules created by the American Psychological Association, is used to credit the sources students use when they write papers.

Off Campus Library Services (OCLS) has created the OCLS APA 6e Guide to help students with learning APA Format.  You can download a copy of the Guide at this link:

Be sure to read pages 7-11 for an overview of plagiarism, information on what sources you need to cite (credit) in your paper.  There is a sample APA style research paper at the end of the Guide that you can look at to get an idea of what an APA style paper looks like.

APA style papers (with just a couple of exceptions) include both an in-text citation put in the paper’s body or text, and a longer References list entry at the end of the paper.  The OCLS APA 6e Guide has examples of both citations and References for different kinds of sources you will use (articles, books, e-books, websites, and more).

If you have any questions about APA Format, please call OCLS toll free at 1.800.521.1848 and ask to speak to a Librarian.  We are happy to help you with your APA questions!

Another option is to email or fill out an online request form at