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Biblical Studies: Exegesis, Research, and Other Resources for Wesley Seminary Students: Bible Dictionaries

What is a Bible Dictionary?

A Bible Dictionary (or Bible Encyclopedia) provides important facts and background information regarding a biblical topic.  Depending on the particluar dictionary, entries contain information about:

  • people (Abraham, Mary, Paul)
  • places (Jerusalem, Ephesus)
  • events (destruction of the temple, Jerusalem Council)
  • topics (persecution, family, hospitality)
  • books of the Bible (1 Peter, Galatians)
  • theological concepts (atonement, sanctification)

Theological Dictionaries: Focus on the theological meaning of concepts and words from the Bible.  Sometimes entries are listed in Greek or Hebrew.  You can use a Strong's Concordance or Interlinear Bible to identify the word if you do not know the original language.

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How to Find Bible Dictionaries in the Library Catalog:

Do a "Keyword" search for "bible dictionaries"

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